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surveillance kit
2014-08-27surveillance kit

surveillance kit including Mini 1.2GHZ/2.4GHz wireless colour CCD camera+power supply+AV cable+receiver

surveillance kits
2014-08-27surveillance kits

Mobile phone with colour 1.2G/2.4G camera and transmitter

Button spy camera
2014-08-27Button spy camera

Our hidden Button Camera is ideal for undercover assignments and discreet surveillance. The Button Cam cleverly conceals a quality color video camera inside an everyday garment button. Body worn applications are made simple with this sleek black common looking button - hidden camera. Simply attach the camera directly with MP4, no external power needed for the camera. The Button Cam incorporates a lens which is preferred for tight angle applications. Low lux rating allows our Button Cam to perform well with only minimal illumination, undercover assignments can now be carried out with ease! And we will supply 10 extra buttons.

Sunglasses spy camera
2014-08-27Sunglasses spy camera

When wearing these sun glasses the hidden video camera lets you record exactly what you are looking at to MP4. The hidden hardwired color camera built into these sunglasses has a 92 degree field-of-view so you will not miss any action. You simply run the small wire down trough your shirt or jacket and plug into MP4 digital recorder. Cool portable video for fun or covert work. It is also great as a surveillance camera, a toy for hobby enthusiasts, as body worn solutions and so on.

Camera lens detector
2014-08-27Camera lens detector

weigh just 38g. Previous military technology for locating hideen wired and wireless camera is now available for the everyday consumer. This hidden camera finder does not rely on detecting the RF singnal from a wireless camera or the oscillator frequency radiated by a wired camera, it usses an array of ultra

Wildview hunting camera
2014-08-27Wildview hunting camera

8.0MP wildview hunting camera 1) built-in 2in color LCD screen   2)image /vdieo option , image shoots is     time- and date- stamped 3)Removable   rechargeable lithium battery 4)automatically turn on LED light in low light 5)Power just 2 MA/H during standby statuses 6)54 LED light